TVS & Lightning Protection Connectors

The modern combat fields have varying threats that relate to sensitive electrical equipment.
In addition to Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) and Electro–Magnetic Interferences (EMI), electrical transients caused by lightning, power lines or Electro–Static Discharge (ESD), may harm and bring about permanent damage to sensitive electronic and electrical equipment. The growth in modifying and integrating commercial and industrial components into military equipment leads to increased sensitivity resulting in greater chances to unfixable equipment malfunctions. Understanding the possible transients in a specified environment is vital for defining and designing the proper protection solution to guarantee safe system operation.
RF Immunity offers connectors with an efficient transient protection by positioning the protecting elements inside the connectors, which are mounted on the system housing walls and panels. The transient suppression components are integrated into the connector, capable of absorbing up to 0.3 Joule without enlarging the connector size.
When diode protection and high protection level are needed, the connector backside is enlarged. Transient protection can be combined with EMI filters or as a stand–alone solution. 

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